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11th-Oct-2008 04:39 pm - lol wow it's been a while
Uh, I come with more 07-Ghost art! This was a sketch request by Mikage from campfuckudie. I liked how it turned out so I decided to lineart and color it as well :D

D'aaaw momentCollapse )
18th-Feb-2008 08:56 pm - It's been a while XD
I made another art request thing on my journal~ I got the first two done and decided to go ahead and post 'em. More to come later~

PW and Dragon Quest VIIICollapse )

THAT IS IT. I now go to... I dunno /0/
Hikari | sleepytime

Yeah. :/ that's about all I has XD again I shouldn't update this kind of crap. but whatever...
6th-Jan-2008 12:52 am - It's been a while XD~
So, I realized I hadn't drawn anything in a very long while and decided to ask my FL if they'd like a doodle to get me drawin'~ I ended up doing more than just doodlin' though 8D; Fast lineart in OC4 (not super straight) and coloring/shading in PS7~ I also have a kind of crappy Oekaki drawing of Gokudera from Reborn!

Onward /0/Collapse )
21st-Nov-2007 10:44 pm - l-lol
It's been a while since I've drawn anything. All of a sudden I got the inspirationz to draw a chibi of a video game character 8D; A GAME which is like, begging me to play it. Even though I'd probably never finish it, 'cause that's how games and I are. Unless it's Phoenix Wright.

ANYWAY. Persona 3 has such sexy art, and I love Minato from CFUD, as well as giving Duski present art at random 8D So this is what came to be~

Minato from Persona 3 for DuskiCollapse )
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